Building & Development Services

Development Services are provided by the Department of Community Sustainability:

Manager of Community Sustainability Aaron Rodgers
Planner Peter Thicke
Building Inspector Nicholas Henderson

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Current Applications

Approved applications will stay online for 3 weeks. Please contact for copies of previously approved applications and documents. 

Learn more about the Public Hearing process

Application Type    Address/Description  Associated Docs  Status Public Hearing Date
DVP         895 Moser Place  Public Notice Approved 2020-06-23  N/A
DVP     1048 Campbell St Public Notice Approved  2020-06-23 N/A
DVP 1282 Lynn Rd Public Notice Approved  2020-06-23 N/A
TUP 320 Tonquin Park Rd Public Notice Approved  2020-06-23 N/A
RZ - Bylaw 1169 200 Campbell Street Public Hearing Complete;
Inquire with staff
3rd Reading 2019-09-10
RZ - Bylaw 1243

605, 613, 621 Industrial Way

Public Hearing Complete;
Inquire with staff

2nd Reading 2019-09-10
RZ - Bylaw 1250 680 Industrial Way

Public Hearing Complete;
Inquire with staff

3rd Reading 2019-03-26
RZ - Bylaw 1255 420 Main Street TBD No Readings TBD
RZ - Bylaw 1273 1101 Pacific Rim Hwy   TBD 1st Reading TBD
RZ - Bylaw 1274 691 Industrial Way Public Hearing Waived;
Inquire with staff
3rd Reading Waived
RZ - Bylaw 1279    351 Arnet Rd. (DL114)

Community Info Session

Public Notice

Document Book


2nd Reading


RZ - Bylaw 1286 Secondary Suites TBD 1st Reading TBD
RZ - Bylaw 1287 Shipping Containers TBD 1st Reading TBD


  • DVP = Development Variance Permit
  • TUP = Temporary Use Permit
  • ZA = Zoning Amendment
  • OCP = Official Community Plan Amendment

Permit & Application Protocol During Covid-19

The District is committed to continuing to provide building inspection services during the Covid-19 public health emergency, so long as we are able to ensure the safety of our workers and the public. As the District Office is closed to the public, completed building permit applications, plans, and documents can be submitted in person by appointment only. Be sure to include a cheque for the processing fee along with your application. Alternatively, applications and payments can be couriered to 121 Third St. Tofino, BC, V0R2Z0.

To Make An Appointment: Please email or contact administration services at 250-725-3229.

To limit contact, please follow the drop-off instructions provided to you when booking your appointment. 
Please note, only complete submissions will be processed. Read the Building Permit Checklist to ensure you have a complete submission. If information is missing, staff will contact you by phone or email.  

Once your application has been processed you will receive instructions by email regarding building permit fee payment and receiving your permit documents. For more information please contact the Building Inspector at or by calling 250-726-6349.


To reduce the threat of COVID-19 to staff, Council and the public, and to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be heard, the District of Tofino has established the following new Public Hearing procedures in accordance with the orders of the Provincial Health Officer:

  • Remain 2 metres apart from other attendees at all times.
  • If at any time you begin to feel ill, please exit the building and report your symptoms to a public health official.
  • To address Council, please raise your hand and wait to be called upon by the Chair. Wait until the previous speaker has left the podium before advancing.
  • Begin your remarks by clearly stating your name and address. If you are speaking on behalf of an organization or another person, please identify the name and address of that organization or person. If you are speaking from prepared remarks, staff would appreciate a copy.
  • Please limit remarks to 5 minutes and to matters contained in the proposed bylaw only.
  • After everyone has spoken once, those wishing to speak again will have an opportunity.

At the close of the hearing, do not mingle with other attendees, maintain 2 metres distance and leave via the marked exit.

Building Services

Do I need a building permit (BP)?

Building permits are required for new construction of buildings and structures, and for additions and alterations to existing buildings or structures. If you are not sure if you require a Building Permit, it is always best to ask the Building Inspector before you start any construction.

If you're ready to get started on your new development or home renovation, applying for the proper permits is your first step. See the sections below for building & development applications and resources.

*NEW: Download the Building Permit Guide to see a description of necessary forms and processes.

*NEW: Learn about the BC Energy Step Code, effective in Tofino as of January 31, 2020.

Are you clearing a lot? Taking down trees?

Consider donating your large wood to Central Westcoast Forest Society for their in-stream salmonid habitat restoration.


CLICK TO VIEW | Building Permit Application Package
  1. Recent Title Search (< 30 days of application)
  2. Building Permit Checklist
  3. Building Permit Application
  4. Owner’s Declaration + Authorization of Agent
  5. Application Fee Payment $120 (+ may include $25 Title Search Fee)

Click to view past Building Permit Reports


Building Inspection

The District of Tofino and the District of Ucluelet share a Building Inspector. Tofino building inspection services are provided on:

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday

We require at least 24 hours notice to book an appointment with the Building Inspector.
To schedule an inspection, please contact :

Nicholas Henderson
(T) 250-725-3229 (702)
(C) 250-726-6349

Development Services

Do I need a development permit (DP)?

Development Permit Areas (DPA) are lands protected by the Municipality through the Offical Community Plan for ecological sensitivity, land use or geographic significance, or for development-specific reasons. To find out if your property falls within a DPA, please contact the planning department.

Development Permit (DP)

If your property falls within a designated Development Permit Area (DPA), you will require approval prior to subdividing land or constructing, adding to, or altering a building.

If the proposed construction imposes on the boundaries of the DPA, you will be required to submit an application to vary the zoning bylaw requirements, such as the allowance for setback or building height adjustments.

Development Variance Permit (DVP)

Per the Local Government Act, Municipal council has the authority to approve a Development Variance Permit (DVP) to vary the provisions of a bylaw.  For example, this type of permit can vary the provisions of a zoning bylaw, subdivision servicing, park land, parcel frontage on a highway, and other bylaws. 

Alternatively, if you feel that compliance with a bylaw would cause hardship, you may apply to Tofino's Board of Variance for a DVP. The Board of Variance  focuses primarily on minor matters related to siting, dimensions and size of buildings. For example, if topography is prohibitive to conformity of normal setbacks. The variance must be minor and the Board has several limitations to what types of variances apply.

CLICK HERE: What's the Difference between a Development Variance Permit (DVP) from Council vs. the Board of Variance (BOV)?

CLICK TO VIEW | Types of Development Permit Applications

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