District News and Emergency Notifications

Cell service providers require you to agree to receive text messages from One Call Now before you can be contacted using the One Call Now text messaging service.

  • One Call Members in Tofino: Text the word "Resume" to 1 (937) 240-0720
  • Fees: Standard text messaging rates apply for all texts received from One Call Now.

Privacy Information:

  • Collection of Personal Information: One Call Now collects personal information on behalf of the District of Tofino for the purpose of notifying individuals of emergency communications (s. 26 (c) of FOIPPA). Questions regarding this collection can be directed to Keith Orchiston, Emergency Program Coordinator, korchiston@tofino.ca.
  • Storage Outside of Canada: The information you submit will be stored in or accessed from a location outside of Canada. By signing up for this service, you consent to the information you enter being stored in, or accessed from, a location outside of Canada, and that this permission takes effect immediately. You may withdraw your consent at any time by unsubscribing to the service.

District Email Subscription

If you would like to subscribe to email notifications from the District of Tofino please fill out the form below.

Examples of information that would be emailed are as follows:

  • Council Agendas
  • Council Meeting Highlights
  • Public Notices

If you have any further questions or would like to unsubscribe, please contact the Municipal Office at 250-725-3229 or office@tofino.ca.