Tsunami Risk Mitigation Plan


Tofino's coastal landscape means that the District is exposed to coastal flood hazards, including tsunami and weather driven events with storm surge.  These hazards are further heightened by climate change and rising sea levels.

In recent years, the District of Tofino has received funding from the Province of British Columbia through the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund and from the Government of Canada through the National Disaster Mitigation Program to undertake a series of projects to support the goal of better understanding coastal risks, and to enhance the resiliency of our community in responding to emergencies.  Previously completed work includes tusnami propagation and inundation modelling, coastal flood mapping, coastal flood risk assessment, and the conceptual development of a Tsunami Vertical Evacuation facility.          

Building on past work, the next step to improving the District's management of tsunami flood risk is the development of a Tsunami Risk Migitation Plan.  This project is an important aspect of the risk reduction process that intends to deliver a comprehensive and actionable tsunami risk mitigation plan for Tofino.  The project aims to envision, refine, and evaluate mitigation and adaptation options that are most appropriate to Tofino's local setting, and will involve meaningful engagement with the community to better understand and manage residual flood risk.

In particular, the project will support regional and local scale flood hazard land use planning and policy development, emergency planning, and publich outreach efforts with the goal of helping protect homes, businesses, and livelihoods from potential tsunami flood damage.


The District of Tofino has partnered with Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd. to undertake the development of a Tsunami Risk Mitigation Plan for Tofino.  The project is being developed over a 9 month period from September 2019 to May 2020 and involves a variety of opportunities for residents and visitors to participate and provide input.  

Get Involved!

The District needs your input to inform potential mitigation options and help prioritize mitigation measures. 

To provide feedback on specific, actionable, tsunami risk mitigation options for Tofino, please take a few minutes to complete the online survey - available by clicking on the link below:
The project team hosted a community consultation workshop on October 3rd, 2019 to evaluate potential tsunami risk mitigation options and provide input into community engagement strategies. 
Members of the public were invited to RSVP to the workshop by September 30th by contacting Keith Orchiston, Emergency Program Coordinator, District of Tofino, at korchiston@tofino.ca, or 250-725-3229.
Community Consultation Workshop
Thursday, October 3, 2019  |  6:00PM - 8:00PM
District of Tofino Council Chambers
380 Campbell Street

Completed Projects

To learn more about projects completed on local coastal flood mapping and risk assessment, click on the studies below: 


Where can I find more information on tsunamis?

To read more about the different types of tsunami alerts, the differences between a local and distant tsunami, and where to get more information about these types of events, visit www.tofino.ca/tsunami-information.  

What are some of the tsunami risk mitigation options for Tofino?

An important part of the District's tsunami risk mitigation planning process is to engage with community members and evaluate mitigation measures that are appropriate for Tofino's local setting. 

Some options include, but are not limited to:  Additional tsunami sirens, further evacuation planning, a vertical evacuation structure, education and preparedness campaigns, land use planning tools, real-time tsunami observation infrastructure, building retrofits, and more.

To provide feedback on specific, actionable risk mitigation options for Tofino, please take our online survey by following the link on this webpage.

If I missed the first community consultation workshop, will there be another chance to get involved?

Yes!  There will be another public meeting held towards the end of the project in February.  Please check back to this page for updates as they are available.  


Keith Orchiston, Emergency Program Coordinator
(T) 250-725-3229
(E) korchiston@tofino.ca