Don't Freak Out - ShakeOut!

Posted: October 13, 2020

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Don’t Freak Out - #ShakeOut!  On October 15th at 10:15 am, millions of people worldwide will practice earthquake safety and how to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” during the annual Great International ShakeOut.  This is a good opportunity to consider COVID-19 safety procedures for your workplace, classroom, or household while practicing earthquake preparedness. 

Consider adapting your ShakeOut drill with COVID-19 measures in mind:

  1. Where will your drill be held?  At work, school, or home?  Consider video-conferencing!
  2. How will you incorporate COVID-19 health and safety guidelines into your activity?
  3. Is it better to have everyone participate all at once, or perhaps in staggered dates and times?  

P.S.  Snap a picture or video and tag us using @DistrictofTofino (Facebook) / @districtoftofino (Instagram) / @TofinoCA (Twitter) and be entered to win a prize.  Let’s see your earthquake drills in action!

Check out for basic school earthquake drill ideas, a ShakeOutBC Drill and Participant Guide, and for information on how to register.

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