Notice of Change to Property Tax Penalty Dates

Posted: March 22, 2019

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March 20, 2019

Change to Property Tax Penalty Dates

The penalty dates for property taxes have recently changed and are in effect for any late payments of 2019 property taxes. 

Taxes are due by midnight on July 2nd, or the first business day in July of each year, and a 10% penalty will apply if property taxes remain unpaid after this date. 

The due date and penalty amount for property taxes is established by the Province, however some communities choose to vary the penalty dates by bylaw. Until recently, a District of Tofino bylaw established a 2% penalty to be applied after July 2nd, or the first business day in July, and an 8% penalty after August 1st, or the first business day in August. On March 12, 2019, Council repealed this Bylaw as part of several recommendations from staff to increase cash flows earlier in the year, in advance of receiving revenue from property taxation or grants. 

The following chart summarizes the changes to property tax penalty dates:

Property taxes are the District’s main source of revenue to pay for services such as parks, recreation, childcare, and protective services including bylaw, fire protection, and emergency planning. 

More information about property taxes is available at:  

Nyla Attiana
Director of Financial Services
(T) 250 725 3229 (ext. 601)