Virtual Consultation | OCP Part C Review

Posted: September 14, 2020

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PHASE 3 - PART C NOW IN REVIEW | The District of Tofino is currently seeking community feedback on the next phase of the OCP development. Submit your comments or suggestions with respect to PART C of the OCP draft in an online form until September 25, 2020 - Now extended until October 2, 2020.

More information about the process, the status, and next steps in the draft development can be found on the OCP webpage.

Part C is best described as the “implementation” piece of the OCP. It consists of four sections; Amenities (8.0), Temporary Use Permits (9.0), Development Approval Information Areas (10.0), and Monitoring (11.0). These sections address various land use development tools and outline the District’s approach to development.

8.0 Amenities

Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) are in-kind or cash contributions provided by property developers during the rezoning process. Tofino is primarily interested in amenities related to affordable housing, indoor recreation facilities, public art, and a waterfront walkway. This short section provides clarity for both the community and future developers in terms of the District’s expectations, and the underlying principles of “nexus” and “proportionality”. Section 8 of the proposed OCP provides the context for the District’s approach to amenity discussions and is intended to support existing District policy in this regard.

9.0 Temporary Use Permits

The Temporary Use Permit section includes updated conditions based on the Vision to Action Plan, the Multi-Modal Transportation Plan, and additional policies related to security.

10.0 Development Approval Information Areas

A Development Approval Information Area (DAIA) Bylaw provides a municipality with authority to require certain types of information prior to approving or authorizing a variety of development actions. The intent of such a bylaw is to ensure that Council and/or staff have the information they require to be able to judiciously consider and comment on development applications. Staff currently exercise this authority through section 9 of the Land Use and Development Procedures and Fee Bylaw in respect to potential impacts to the environment and community infrastructure (servicing) for Development Permits, Zoning Amendments and Temporary Use Permits. The current wording of the bylaw allows staff to exercise some discretion in terms of when an impact assessment may be required.

Staff are proposing to expand the range of the regulation to include potential impacts on transportation and parking; District infrastructure; public facilities including schools and parks; community services; and the natural environment. For the purposes of transparency, staff are recommending that the new regulations be within a standalone bylaw. This section of the bylaw is brief, describes what a DIAI Bylaw is and points a reader to the bylaw itself, which includes the detailed regulations.

11.0 Monitoring

The District included a monitoring and implementation section in the 2012 Official Community Plan as an appendix, which included two measures for tracking the community’s progress toward achieving the goals in the plan. The implementation piece was an “Action Plan” consisting of six actions. The actions and the current statuses are provided in a table on the OCP webpage.

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