Wildlife Cameras - Wild About Wolves

Posted: November 29, 2018

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The District of Tofino is helping to collect regional data in partnership with Pacific Rim National Park Reserve for the "Wild About Wolves" project through the placement of wildlife cameras. The goal is to better understand wolf populations and movements, as well as contribute to multi-species, long term monitoring.

Parks Canada is placing an array of wildlife cameras throughout Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, and cameras may be placed at sites within District of Tofino boundaries.

Why? Wolves are now sharing spaces such as beaches and trails with humans more frequently – and, problematically, some humans seek out close interactions with the wolves. These factors have created the conditions for conflict between wolves, humans and other wildlife. Some local wolves have even lost their natural wariness of people, others have learned to associate people with food. Domestic dogs, particularly when off leash, have contributed to the conflict. Dogs tend to attract wolves because wolves can perceive them as prey or as an invading canine from another territory.

Concerned about your privacy? So are we. That’s why images of people will be deleted. However, images that show illegal activities that may have serious impacts on wildlife, or put people's safety at risk may be used for law enforcement purposes.

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