Committees, Commissions and Other Bodies

The District of Tofino Council establishes committees and commissions as a way of obtaining advice and expertise from people other than Council members and District staff.

Committees allow for a more detailed examination of matters than is typically possible in the more formal environment of a Council meeting.

Other District bodies, such as the Board of Variance, are mandated by provincial legislation to carry-out specific functions. 

See the current Commitee list, types of bodies, and terms of reference below.

CLICK HERE - For a complete list of this year's District Committees, Commissions and Other Bodies, including current membership.


Audit Committee Standing ToR
Board of Variance Statutory Bylaw
Design Review Panel Select ToR
Emergency Program Executive Committee Select Bylaw
Emergency Program Management Committee Select ToR
Events, Arts, Culture and Heritage (EACH) Committee Select ToR
Public Art Advisory Committee Select ToR
Tofino Recreation Commission Commission Bylaw
Volunteer Recognition Committee Standing ToR

Becoming a Volunteer Member

VIEW Current Volunteer Opportunities

Each fall the District recruits interested members of the public to fill vacancies on its committees, commissions and other bodies. Applications are reviewed by Council and appointments made in December. Watch for recruitment ads in the local newspaper and on the District's website.  

During the year, the District fills vacancies on an on-going basis. 

Attending Meetings

Members of the public are welcome to attend all meetings of District committees and commissions. Portions of meetings may be closed to the public when sensitive or confidential information is being considered. The authority to close meetings is limited to only those circumstances set out in section 90 of the Community Charter.

For up coming meeting dates go to "District Meetings" on our homepage and follow the links to view agendas. 

Standing Committees

Standing committees are established and members appointed by the Mayor for matters the Mayor considers are best dealt with by committee. Standing committees administer a continuous responsibility that is not related to the accomplishment of a specific, one-time task. Members of the public and organization representatives may be appointed to standing committees. Under provincial legislation, at least half the members must be Council members.

See the list above to learn more about the Mayor's current standing committees, including information on mandates and membership.

Select Committees

Select committees are established, and members appointed by Council, to consider or inquire into a specific matter and report their findings and opinion to Council. Typically, select committees are established for a limited time, and cease to exist after reporting out. Members of the public and organization representatives may be appointed to select committees. Under provincial legislation, at least one member must be a Council member.

See the list above to learn more about Council's current select committees, including information on mandates and membership,  follow the links below:


Commissions are established and members appointed by Council to operate municipal services, manage municipal property and licenses, and enforce municipal regulations.

Statutory Bodies

Councils are required or mandated by the province to establish certain bodies to carry-out specific roles and responsibilities set out in legislation. For example all municipalities that have adopted a zoning bylaw must establish and appoint members to a Board of Variance.   


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