How to beach responsibly

Show you care for the coast by following these simple rules:


Pack in, pack out

Help to preserve the land for all to enjoy by leaving no trace when you visit the beach. Pick up dog waste and properly dispose of all garbage.


No fires directly on the beach

Fires directly on the beach are not permitted. Restrictions are now in place providing a compromise that allows beach fires to continue while working to limit the environmental impacts.

Elevated wood and propane fires only

Beach Fires:

  • Are only permitted on Mackenzie and Chesterman Beaches between 8 AM and 10 PM.
  • Must be contained in a Clean Burning or Reduced Smoke Fire Appliance*
  • Must not consume beach materials (such as driftwood), garbage, refuse, noxious material, or any other material other than wood.
  • Must not be larger than 24 inches in diameter.


What is a Clean Burning or Reduced Smoke Fire Appliance?

A clean burning or reduced smoke fire appliance:

  • Uses propane or dry firewood.
  • Is raised off the ground.
  • Allows air to be introduced either mechanically or through ventilation openings.


Keep dogs on leash

On-leash dogs are welcome at all Tofino beaches. Keeping your dog on leash helps to protect the shorebirds that land to rest here on their long migratory path. If the birds are disturbed too often, they will be reluctant to return to these beaches.


No alcohol

Alcohol is not permitted on public property, including Tofino's beaches, at any time.


No drones

Due to the proximity to the Tofino Harbour Water Aerodrome and to the Tofino-Long Beach Airport (YAZ), drone use in the District of Tofino is restricted.


No fireworks

Fireworks including display fireworks, pyrotechnic special effects fireworks, consumer fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited, except on January 1, July 1, July 4, October 31 and December 31 between 5 PM and midnight. View the Firearms and Fireworks Display Regulation Bylaw No. 1219.


No smoking

Tofino's outdoor public spaces are smoke & vape free. No smoking is permitted within 6 metres of recreation spaces, customer service areas, transit stops or outdoor workplaces. View the Smoking and Vaping Regulation Bylaw No. 1249,


No overnight camping

There is no free camping in Tofino. Camping in RVs, trailers, cars & tents is not permitted in parking lots, beaches or streets.