Property Tax Assessment Information

How is my property value assessed?

The British Columbia Assessment Authority (BCAA) is an independent organization that determines the value of all properties in British Columbia. When establishing the market value of a property, BCAA considers many factors including size, layout, age, condition, location, neighbourhood and the value of recent sales of similar properties. All owners receive a Property Assessment Notice by December 31 each year.

Why is this important to me?

The assessed value of your property as determined by the BCAA is used to calculate how much property tax you will pay. With the BCAA Notice of Complaint (Appeal) deadline being January 31, once you have received your Tax Bill in May, it will be too late to make any changes to the assessed value of your property.

How does my property value change affect my property taxes?

What should I do with my assessment?

It is important to check all details on the Property Assessment Notice. If you have questions about your property assessment, please call BCAA to speak with an appraiser. If you still disagree with your assessment after talking with an appraiser, you can file a formal Notice of Complaint (Appeal). See the BC Assessment Appeal Guide for more information: Appeal Guide

♦ The deadline to file a Notice of Complaint (Appeal) is January 31 at:

BCAA, Vancouver Island Region
Toll Free: 1-800-825-8322
Fax: 250-754-1890 (Nanaimo Office)

Nanaimo Mailing Address:
#300 - 125 Wallace Street
Nanaimo, BC V9R 5B2

For more contact information:

See BC Assessment’s FAQs for more information:
 FAQ About Property Assessment